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Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

At Valiant Cleaning, we are proud to deliver a 5-star professional carpet cleaning service. Our carpet cleaning experts are trained to the highest standard with lots of experience and knowledge, leaving you with the peace of mind that you will receive an excellent service every time.

We clean carpets differently. Here’s how:

We do not use the same traditional carpet cleaning methods, which a lot of other carpet cleaners use. No shampoos or detergents are used in our cleaning process as they leave behind residue resulting in faster re-soiling. 

Some benefits of our techniques:


Pet-Safe & Baby-Friendly solutions.


Extending the condition & time of your carpets.


Providing you noticeably Cleaner Carpets for longer.


Removing odours in the carpet leaving a fresh smell.


Fast carpet drying times around 1-3 hours depending on carpet type.


With consistent 5 star ratings on Google, & Facebook our professional cleaning service has become highly recommended throughout Hertfordshire, Essex and London.



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Our Carpet Cleaning Process

Pre-Clean Test

On arrival, we will carry out a pre-clean check to test for fiber type, carpet pH, and dye stability. Allowing us to select the best cleaning solutions and techniques to achieve the best result for your carpet


The highest soil content within a carpet or fabric is typically dry soil. We use a professional upright vacuum cleaner to remove as much of this dry soil as possible.

Spot & Stain Treatment

We will treat all Spots & Stains with the correct cleaning solution for the particular stain resulting in better final results.

Pre-Treatment Spraying

The carpet will be carefully presprayed with a powerful cleaning solution that is safe for your carpet type. The cleaning solution will soften and loosen soils in the carpet.

Machine Agitation

The carpet will then be agitated using our brush machine (CRB). Agitation helps in the distribution of the cleaning solutions to all areas, also pulling up soil from the fibres ready for extraction

Rinse Extraction

The carpet is now prepared for Rinse Extraction, also known as Hot Water Extraction, and perhaps, inaccurately, as “Steam Cleaning.” The carpet is thoroughly rinsed and soil sucked out using our industrial extraction machine. We do not use the outdated method of using shampoos as this leaves behind soap residue resulting in your carpet getting dirty faster.


The clean is now complete and looking great, the carpet will be almost dry and will take no longer than 1-3 hours

Realign Pile

We will groom the carpet to realign the pile to give the perfect finish

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We provide professional carpet cleaning throughout Hertfordshire, Essex and London to an extremely high standard. 

Contact us for a Free Quote

Contact us for a Free Quote

Watch our video

We provide professional carpet cleaning throughout Hertfordshire, Essex and London to an extremely high standard.